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Leadership: An Art of Possibility Training Bundle!
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Leadership: An Art of Possibility Training Bundle includes:
Lead & Connect With Limitless Possibility
Learn the Art of Engagement — Radiate Possibility
WE WILL with Under Armour Founder & CEO Kevin Plank
Powerful Lessons on Leadership, Teamwork and Growth from Under Armour
THE TELL with Peter Guber, Chairman & CEO of Mandalay Entertainment, Entrepreneur, Educator and #1 New York Times Best Selling Author, Tell To Win, Owner of 2015 Champion Golden State Warriors
Connect, Persuade and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story
Business Lessons from the African Bush
A Powerful Learning Tool for Customer Service
Agility Training, High Performance Teams and Conflict Resolution
John Seely Brown, Steve Denning, Larry Prusak & Katalina Groh
Creating High Growth Cultures of Learning, Coaching and Co-Teaching
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Launching Our New Quality Improvement Platform

Groh Online Academy of Leadership

groh your carf

Our newest quality improvement platform is going live. The GROH your CARF platform is currently only designed to aid clinics in both achieving CARF accreditation and patient/personnel/leadership education and training, but we are constantly working to expand into new possibilities and levels of performance.

The GROH your CARF platform:

  • Offers easy solutions for validating training and documenting input
  • Shows an innovative use of technology to engage personnel, persons served, and other stakeholders.
  • Is the definitive tool for meeting CARF’s vigorous compliance standards without requiring big budget or significant staff realignment.
  • Interactive tools and content are in fact, designed to meld seamlessly into any treatment model or culture.
  • Minimizes many compliance efforts. The new software provides participation data, is easily shared, and allows for input from personnel, persons served, leadership, and other stakeholders.
  • Customizable for your community.
  • Follows CARF guidelines to ensure any user can demonstrate standards were met and required policies, procedures, and protocols were in place so services are provided in a safe, accessible, and culturally receptive environment.
  • Easy to learn and user friendly
  • Engaging media-based courses
  • Quality Improvement, Results.
  • Delivered with sensitivity to the environment—programs can be customized for the culture.
  • Interactive training, learning and sharing designed for the whole uniqueness of every person; for persons served, personnel; the whole population.
  • A suggestion box within the easy-to-use interface always goes directly to leadership; every person served and all personal can share input with leadership at all times and this input is stored
  • Analytics track performance, learning, sharing, training, compliance and behavioral change goals.
  • In-person consulting and training also available.

Check out the platform, and be sure to let us know what you think.

Cultivating an Authentic Organization

Tom Kane
Course designer for Groh™ online academy of leadership

One of the most important intangible qualities in the workplace is authenticity. Since we have begun working on new content, both the new film “Everything is Connected,” starring Abe Thompson, as well as developing compliance courses for our new e-learning platform, I decided to do some research on the concept of authenticity and transparency in the workplace. I found several reports on studies from Rice University, the University of Houston and George Mason University that relate authenticity to job effectiveness and satisfaction. It may be easy to quickly jump ahead by over-promising and under-delivering, or through misrepresentation of yourself, but these tactics will soon develop a poor reputation that will be difficult to shed. In the following clip from “Everything is Connected,” McGhee Williams Osse, Co-CEO of Burrell Communications discusses why authenticity is important to her. Continue reading

The Art of Engagement

Katalina Groh
The Art of Engagement
Recently challenged by a client to come up with a different way to present deep and lasting engagement for a diverse audience which needed to be inspired to change, we reviewed the key question: how do you inspire real engagement in end learners which leads to a PROVEN change in behavior which is applied to their work (and life)?
We start conversations with clients by getting right to the point.
Who are you trying to engage right now but not getting through and what do you see as the barrier?
HOW are you inspiring them to be the most that they can be?
Engage end learners now and see how transformed your group can be in sixty days:
  • Experience what is often considered the most powerful, inspiring leadership engagement film of all time
  • Preview the new E-Learning (and Guided Social Learning) Course with extensive support materials
  • Try risk-free at no cost for 30 days
  • Pre and post assessments, end learner engagement analytics
  • Ask to demo our library of film-based engagement courses easily customized for a client specific to their most urgent needs
  • Discover ease of use right out of the box
Discover Nine Proven Learning Principles 
In this course end learners will ENGAGE in interactive social learning activities around:
  • The new leader’s job is to awake possibility in other people
The leaders is the relentless architect for the possibilities that others can be.
The new era of leadership has to do with ENROLLING people.
You cannot comment people to do it; they must become enrolled by their own choice.
To spark possibility in people gives you ALL OF THEM.
  • Enroll every voice in the vision
Enroll individuals from every role in the organization.
When leadership is defined not as a position you hold but as A WAY OF BEING, you can discover that you can lead from wherever you are.
  • Recognize downward spiral conversations and enroll people in the journey to engagement and possibility (growth, success)
Everyone is interested in leadership, the questions is what kind of leadership is the most effective?  How do you awake people to be the most that they can be?
  • Look for shining eyes
How to deeply engage others.
This new era of leadership is about relationships; and it is about conversations.  What is this conversation I am having with people and how is it affecting the other person I am having a conversation with?
  • Who are we being?
We don’t talk about what we should be as leaders we are talking about what we are BEING
WHO ARE WE BEING as leaders?  As peers and colleagues?
Are we inspiring contribution and sharing, problem solving to reach new levels of success?
Are we dominating people or are we inspiring them to be the most that they can be?
  • Everyone Gets an “A” (give people a possibility to live into not an expectation to live up to)
The practice of getting an “A” represents what a person can see in themselves if they have no fears and no barriers.  Creating an environment of an “A” is a totally different paradigm; it is the paradigm of possibility.
  • Remember Rule #6!
Leaders need to remind themselves (consistently) not to take themselves too seriously
  • The Conductor Does Not Make a Sound
The conductor of an orchestra does not make a sound.
He depends for his power on his ability to MAKE OTHER PEOPLE POWERFUL.
The job of the conductor of an orchestra is to awaken possibility in other people.
Discover the most powerful engagement film tool of all time now in an online E Learning course. 

Get a better look at our new e-learning platform

Groh online academy of leadership


Get a better look at our new e-learning platform

Over the past month, we have been rolling out our new online e-learning platform. Many new and returning clients and channel partners have explored the free trial, and want to see more. On Thursday,  August 20th at 1:00 PM CDT, we will hold our first webinar.

Join our founder and CEO Katalina Groh, who will show off the end-learner experience of our platform, and hold a short Q&A session afterward. Register here

See how our platform:
• engages end-learners through self-assessments
• keeps film and support material in one easily accessible location
• drives participation through peer-to-peer discussions
• checks retention via post-assessment quizes

The webinar will center around our new course, We Will, which focuses on Under Armour’s amazing culture of growth and engagement.

Please register for our webinar on Aug 20, 2015 1:00 PM CDT at:


90% of our clients come back to stay.

Contact us and find out why.

Does Your Organization Radiate Possibility? 8 Simple Questions

Katalina Groh

Ongoing Trend in Low Employee Engagement

According to Gallup, U.S. employee engagement hit an average of 32.4% in February of this year. The concern which remains is, that’s the highest it has been in 3 years. Why are employees so disengaged from their work? The blame doesn’t solely fall on the leadership or the employees themselves; true engagement requires enrollment from everyone in an organization. We have developed our own short 8-question survey to explore this phenomenon further.

Please take this short survey, which should take only a few minutes. In a couple of weeks we will post our analysis of the results. Does Possibility Radiate in Your Organization?

Proven Engagement Benefits

Groh Productions has produced films that have been used in 95% of the Fortune 500 companies in over 80 countries. This year, we announced our new e-learning platform that makes our proven programs, as well as all-new content, available in a whole new way. Drive engagement with desktop and mobile accessibility; receive in-depth pre and post assessments to track retention and effectiveness; engage in organization-wide discussions that can provide a deeply effective learning environment.

Learn how we can double your employee engagement in 90 days. Contact us for a 10 minute demo.


Check out the free trial of our course based on one of the best-selling leadership training films of all time, Leadership: An Art of Possibility.

We Will

We also offer an all-new course based on the film We Will, which explores how Under Armour has managed to grow 20% every year for a decade as a direct result of a culture that has engagement, agility and community at its heart.



Agility Training and Talent Engagement becoming THE Key Success Factors for High Performance Organizations

Katalina Groh

We love the quote, “If innovation is happening faster outside your organization than inside your organization, the end is near.”

-Jack Welch.



Rogers whiteboard discussion

Recently we launched the first online course in the new manager’s “essentials” online E Learning Platform from GOAL. Immediately after our initial clients began exploring the platform, films and guided social learning dashboards for desktop or mobile learning they had questions and suggestions for how they would like to implement the new tools.

Continue reading

Agreed: Why Being Engaged at Work Isn’t About “Being Happy”

Katalina Groh

I have been asked often lately why we focus most on employee engagement.  My answer is the same now as it was when we founded the business (twenty years ago).  Researching why some people choose to roll up their sleeves to do hard work, take responsibility for themselves, connect with others and ENGAGE while others get stuck and rarely leave their comfort zone; this never ceases to fascinate me.  It seems so obvious from the outside but it rarely is from inside.


In December 2013, Gallup stunned the business world with a revelation that just three in ten American workers are engaged in their jobs and are willing to do all that they can to help their organizations and bosses succeed.   Since the research posted there has been a hyper-focus movement in U.S. business to engage workers with a surprising outcome; organizations have, for the most part focused on boosting employee’s levels of happiness.


Our take on this:  they are asking the right questions but going down the wrong road to nowhere otherwise known as a treadmill of disaster.  Engagement is not about happiness; rather it is a discovery of deep meaning and the ability to be working in some capacity most days within a mission and a purpose, which one can relate to and feel a part of.


One of our greatest challenges has always been to create film-based products, which create transformative learning experiences that have lasting impact and emotional connection. Happiness and “being happy” have little to do with engagement and the sooner organizations and managers leading engagement discover this the sooner end learners can connect with their management and their job in a whole new way; and get meaning from it.   Engagement is about finding and living with deep and true meaning and purpose; it is not about “Being Happy” or having more snacks at the break room or parties for team building.


An Excerpt From Fast Company, piece from Mark C. Crowley:


Bringing American Workplaces Back to Full Health:  We Shouldn’t Be Trying to Make Workers Happy

“The idea of trying to make people happy at work is terrible,” Clifton (Gallup) said.

While admiring companies like Zappos, which intentionally fosters positive workplaces, he nevertheless believes a day-to-day focus on the fun aspects of happiness greatly miss the mark. This is because research shows that how a person feels about the work they do every day has the greatest impact on engagement by far.

“What companies will inevitably find is that the only way to make a person happy is to give them a job that matches well to their strengths, a boss who cares about their development, and a mission that gives them feelings of purpose,” Clifton said. “The belief that something gets better when you come and do your job, that’s as happy as you can be.”


Free Lunches Don’t Drive Achievement

“Free lunches and snacks have little direct impact on human performance,” Clifton insists, “and have the real potential of being destructive to achievement.”

On a vacation to Yellowstone National Park, Clifton noticed signs saying, “Do Not Feed The Bears,” almost everywhere he went. Concerned that all these postings were an indication that bears were mauling campers in unusual numbers, he sought out a park ranger for explanation.

“Those signs aren’t for your protection,” the ranger told him, “they’re here to protect the bears. What most people don’t understand is that when you feed a bear a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, they’ll never dig for roots again. Park visitors think all they’re doing is giving the bear a treat, but they end up ruining all those great animals’ lives.”

Clifton believes, “Rather than looking for all the ways that actualize people, they’re focused on free food. And that’s not only what people don’t want — it’s what’s going to spoil them. The ultimate act in workplace leadership is human development, not a focus on happiness or entertainment.”


Perks Aren’t Much Better at Driving Engagement

Although it is great for organizations to be generous with perks the spotlight for organizational cultures to work for should be placed on the companies who make more meaningful investments in growing their people.

Rogers 26

“Many companies, like Google, offer perks because they create conveniences for employees, “but there’s no cause and effect in terms of engagement and high performance. I think perks make a little bit of difference to people, but the benefit is granular compared to a focus on individual expansion.”


Engagement Is Driven by What Many CEOs Still Believe Are Soft Practices

“What businesses really want,” is for employees to bring their initiative, commitment, and productivity to their jobs; but we can’t find any evidence that pay plays much if any role in driving this. The true connections are what many business leaders instinctively consider soft practices. But it’s almost as if the softer you go, the stronger the signal.” “The softer you go, the stronger the correlation.”

Research found that workers when asked about their engagement are really about a human wanting to develop, maximize their strengths, make a meaningful contribution, and feel valued. And we know that engagement happens automatically when these deeper needs get met.” But traditional beliefs about how best to motivate human beings continue to be the key reason why 70% of the working population is disengaged.

“The truth is many CEOs have been repelled by this idea that management must incorporate more heart to be successful,”  “But now many are saying, ‘come a little bit closer, my dear.’ And this is because CEOs are desperate to win. They’re beginning to recognize that an authentically caring culture provides a clear and sustainable competitive advantage.”

Rogers 11

Deep Engagement Can Actually Happen Quickly (and Utterly Transform an Organization) 

Even now so many years later I find I am even more fascinated by this topic than ever before.  Never had there been a better time to engage, to connect, and to transform your organization; it all begins with honesty, humility, respect (and a sense of humor). The real question is (as it is with most things that really matter): is the timing right? Is today the day to reboot and engage?

Are we scoring high in our engagement and agility assessments? Do our end learners feel connected to the vision and engaged by it personally?

All this work spending resources on the wrong treadmill. It is only a matter of time until it stops spinning on its own or you topple off and finally ask what it means to be truly engaging people so their eyes shine and they are fully connected. It is all about triggering something unique in a person to connect them to what is meaningful to them but once you do that, the possibilities for them, and the organization, are limitless.


Katalina Groh, July 22, 2015

Founder and Publisher, Groh™ author and speaker

Groh works with leaders and organizations to achieve breakthroughs in customer engagement, employee engagement, organizational culture, agility, identity, leadership development, talent-based assessments, entrepreneurship and well-being. Our professionals are thought leaders, scientists, and global HR executives who have strong experience leading enterprise-wide cultural enrichment and executive development.

Valued for strategic insight, ability to deliver global initiatives and high performance metrics.  Resolves challenges.  Delivers high-impact lasting engagement solutions. Creates online tools, film-based E Learning and guided social learning solutions. Leads large scale organizational change.

Creates industry-leading best practices.  Designs unique tools and techniques for achieving the highest levels of organizational performance and growth.  Remains at the forefront of employee engagement and has partnered with hundreds of organizations to help them create a sustainable culture of engagement.

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Proven approaches revealed for unlocking success in your organization with “social learning” strategies.

Learn how the social nature of learning delivers great value since people learn most from each other.  Expert learning guides share true best practices from decades of combined experience while leading the R&D University at P&G responsible for all leadership development and management training globally.

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The Importance of Transformation

John Seely Brown
Currently, Chief of Confusion
Formerly, Chief Scientist Xerox and Director of its Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

Do you agree with John Seely Brown that we can move faster with leadership at all levels instead of the typical leadership at the top?

New release! Watch 29 tips on creating deeply engaged leaders at all levels of an organization.

Use these clips in your organization today

Preview all clips and support material

A John Seely Brown dynamic new interview on authenticity, creating leaders at all levels of the organization, the language of possibility, and quieting the voice in our head which holds us back from contributing.


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