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Former Dean of the R&D University responsible for global training leadership development, P&G

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Former Dean of the R&D University responsible for global training leadership development, P&G

Proven approaches revealed for unlocking success in your organization with “social learning” strategies.

Learn how the social nature of learning delivers great value since people learn most from each other.  Expert learning guides share true best practices from decades of combined experience while leading the R&D University at P&G responsible for all leadership development and management training globally.

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We now understand that much of learning is social.  Learn how leader-teachers, can encourage a social learning environment to yield its benefits.  As you read, think about your answers to these questions:

  • How might you adapt current learning programs to act more like “learning laboratories” where leaders and teams encounter presentations, content, activities and an environment that is designed to help them come together to conquer challenges, opportunities and problems?
  • How can leader-teachers help you shape learning programs around the real challenges confronting people, and help you embed learning into work?
  • How can leader-teachers influence your organization to frame business problems as learning needs; recast failures as learning opportunities and adapt strategies, plans and tactics as lessons emerge from experiences in the field?

Our increasingly complex business world demands new learning approaches such as social collaborative learning, to help organizations discover the best paths forward, and to investigate what will and wont’ work in a marketplace characterized by constant change.  For many years traditional learning has been one-directional from teachers to student, experts to employees.

Leaders and teams often find themselves facing an overwhelming flood of information that leads to a sea of possible paths to execute the company’s strategy.  How can leaders and teams carefully test possibilities, learning as they go, only fully committing to the option with the greatest potential for success?

The best results come from dynamic interactions amount academics, leaders, domain experts, peers, customers, and partners all while working together to construct meaning as marketplace conditions and consumer preferences change.

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Excerpts from: Edward Betof, Lisa M.D. Owens, Sue Todd