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Groh collaborates with clients to deliver high impact lasting solutions. Begin your journey to creating a more successful organization implementing unique engagement mobile tools which impact all end learners developing a new shared language.

Overview of Products and Services


    Discover uniquely insightful tools to positively impact productivity and performance.

    Cultivating positive organizational behavior changes that link to strategic goals can be critical to the success of any business.

    One of the best ways leaders and employees can increase awareness about how others perceive them is through the strategic use of assessment tools. Awareness is the first step in helping people change organizational behavior and sustain the change over time. Groh's Assessment-Driven Solutions provide expert support for organizations that use assessments as part of their learning and change management strategies. Coaching that is informed by assessments helps accelerate behavior change by encouraging employees to act on received feedback.


    Assessments provide valuable feedback that highlights strengths and opportunities for professional development. Our Assessment-Driven Mobile End Learner Solutions act as a catalyst for change. Coaching moves the individual through four stages of change; awareness, behavior change, sustained behavior change and perceived behavior change. At each point, coaching supports the leader and each end learner by guiding them towards purposeful action, while deepening learning with timed roll out mobile solutions which provide valuable analytics on outcome and engagement.


    Assessment-Driven Coaching is perfect for individuals who want to improve skills and for leaders who want to increase their team building effectiveness. Benefits of Assessment-Driven Coaching include an increased self-awareness that can support personal growth and professional development. Coaching also supports the establishment and improvement of meaningful relationships and encourages people to address opportunities for learning and growth.


    Measure self-perceptions of the team's overall stage of development.

Recommended Solutions Designed From A Customized Combination of the Following:

  • Organizational Leadership
  • Executive Development
  • Online Learning
  • Assessments
  • Skill Training
  • Individual Engagement
  • Culture Change
  • Coaching
  • Strategy Solutions
  • Government Solutions
  • Healthcare
  • Education Customization


Assessments are powerful tools that can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses and create a foundation for improvement. Our comprehensive collection of Leadership, Self, Team, and Organizational assessments offer insights that can dramatically impact productivity and performance.

Blended Solutions

Customize a Blended Learning Plan

Develop end learners with our unique combination of classroom and online experiences.

What a Blended Learning Plan Can Do For You

Complete your learning requirements at your convenience, by leveraging digital assets and online assessments. Blended learning maximizes your time away from the office. Groh facilitates learning sessions face-to-face or via virtual classrooms to reinforce, practice, and deepen the skills learned through our world-renowned leadership films, and end learner engagement mobile media tools.

An Effective Way to Get Results

Many organizations choose to blend digital learning with a classroom experience. Learners are introduced to content through self-paced learning modules, and come to the classroom for practice and application. Social and peer learning is facilitated throughout, using social networking chats and in-classroom activities.

Our blended learning designs combine traditional face-to-face classroom experiences with virtual classroom experiences. Whether it is a standalone e-learning solution, blended e-learning or e-learning to support face-to-face training, our online, On Demand Learning delivers powerful content from the.

Have the flexibility to learn at your convenience. Organizations and end learners can adopt the entire curriculum, or choose specific modules most pertinent right now.


Groh brings together the full spectrum of our global expertise and our most senior and experienced consulting professionals from internally and from our Board, to partner with clients in co-creating true excellence in leadership development.

The focus of Enterprise Consulting Services is to build long-term relationships with global organizations who seek a trusted, strategic partner to help build distinctive leadership capabilities at all levels. Our priority is to work with senior executives who understand that building and constantly renewing unique, integrated, and enterprise-wide leadership capabilities is the only truly sustainable advantage in today's complex business environment.

Enterprise Consulting Services helps clients build a comprehensive range of capabilities to address today's constantly evolving business challenges.

Starting with a deep understanding of your business goals and challenges, we work with you in three primary areas:


    Craft a leadership vision, architecture, and roadmap that supports and enables your corporate mission, goals, and strategies. Grow leaders who can take your organization to the next level.


    Define, design, and execute senior-level, action-learning, enterprise-wide, and other high-impact leadership development programs that build real skills and drive tangible business results.


    Develop leaders to lead key business initiatives such as growth, innovation, operational efficiency, organizational transformation, and post-merger integration.

How We Work With Clients

  • Media Content: films, media and streaming content
  • Secure Social Media Learning Platform with Streaming for Mobile
  • Anlaytics on individual strengths assessments for Admin
  • Classroom training and workshops
  • Remote area launch (mutliple site licenses)
  • Webinars and assessment post testing
  • Broad training intiatives with customized training materials for facilitators
  • Producing filmed customized sustainability tools filmed at client sites
  • Consulting and customization

Our Trademark Filmed Assessment Sustainability Tools

Launch Investment Strategy:

The launch of a learning strategy including customized individualization for all end users with the unique media tools can catapult the process and success into a totally different level of energy by individualizing the process for every learner/end user within an inspirational format using powerful unique media and assessment tools in a way that class room training alone simply cannot achieve.

Added Filmed Tool and Facilitation Elements:

To achieve a potentially transformational quality of content delivery and sustainability we recommend considering adding two elements: a filmed sustainability media tool filmed at client site in one day produced by GROH™ and a launch using a Groh Master Facilitator. If a budget allows for investing in these optional added deliverables it would achieve the most lasting results. Groh will work with the client on discounting an investment fee structure to optimize the customized delivery strategy within budget.

Customization of Facilitation Materials:

It would be effective to have a customized package with customized branding and and with notes for the facilitators. In addition to the individualized assessments for each learner and delivery of media content to each end user, (which works in conjunction with classroom training), we recommend having the course, or Digital Online Mobile Toolkit, uniquely branded for the client.

Our Focus and Goal

Individualization of Content for End Users

We go for "home runs" and our goal is to surpass expectations, delivering content, assessments and employee engagement in a way, which keeps the language and actionable learning content in use and practice long after the learning is first presented. We like when we hear our clients tell us that they hear the new language and practices in use throughout the organization months after a training session and workshop. Our assessments and "sustainability tools" are designed to help administrators and managers work toward keeping the language and practices alive within the organization by creating highly personalized elements which help individuals look at the content and learning from their own set of experiences based on their own strengths while discovering areas they might need to focus on and improve.

Recommended Solution

A client might find that they only have a need for one element from the blended solutions offerend which might be right for them. Based on most initial assessments with clients we may recommend a combination of the following:

  • Stream inspiring training films and individual engagement analysis customized to client's end learners with Streaming Option Version B
  • Faciliated workshop launch led by one of our master trainers
  • Sustainability tool filmed production with digital mobile delivery for all end learners (added recommended element)
  • Consulting and customization of training materials (added recommended element)

Above all else Groh values its relationships and works with each client to find the unique solution best suited for that client's needs at that time even if that might mean finding a solution outside of our core strength.

Client Stories: Film Trailers With Best Practices

Hear what our clients are saying about us and learn why they keep returning to us time and again to collaborate with us whether it is on business growth or on talent deep end learner engagement goals. Briefly review the following filmed client testimonial for our trademarked Reset & Re-Imagine™ workshop and end learner roll out deep engagement solution. Learn what our clients are saying about the outcome and success of the programs. Hear what end learner deep engagement can sound like.

Begin your own journey to creating a more successful, deeply engaged organization.

Select “watch trailer” and review a filmed client story:

Thank You

As always, we are grateful for your time and for the opportunity to be asked to recommend a solution to you and to your organzation.

Clients: what they are saying

Procter and Gamble

We first used the Groh films and development programs in a global leadership launch for our six bands of leaders and managers and ended up becoming the foundation of the global roll-out of our innovation leadership program in 2004. Now the films are a central part of our core curriculum course, which every employee of P&G goes through during their initial and ongoing training. The results have been incredible. Groh programs have become an integral part of our ongoing internal talent development and engagement program for every learner.
Beth Manuelson, Vice President, Global Learning and Development Procter & Gamble

Training Media Review

The only way any learning, or training is effective is if it truly touches people and if it connects with people. Almost no training films can do that, really. Almost all training films might entertain or teach some ideas or messages but they do not really connect to anything. GROH films connect to people — they inspire people — learners are deeply engaged in a way that lasts — it is that simple
Mireille Masue, Senior Editor, Training Media Review

Abbot Labs

These films are worth every penny and even more. I would sell them door-to-door if I could and show them to every person in the world. Your films touched my heart at the deepest level and I shall never be the same.
Bonnie Noblehousefs Abbott Laboratories

The Office of the United States Joint Chief of Staff

The Groh Possibility Film Series™ are the best tools for change, engagement, and innovation. They inspire everyone who sees them.
Admiral Weaver, Chairman, United States Joint Chiefs of Staff

The United States Department of the Treasury

The content, delivery, engagement and programs are a homerun. It is about everything we want to be doing and a working path toward getting there together.
Special Agent Douglass Bricker, Director of Learning and Development, United States Department of the Treasury

Affinity Health Plan

You have no idea what an effect your films have had on our organization. Every one of the eight hundred people here saw your films and they Possibility Films changed the way they see everything. And I mean everything.
Barbara Kelman, Chief Operating Officer Affinity Health Plan

Kraft Foods

We use the Groh Possibility Learning Films™ and find they are some of the best tools for leadership, motivation and change we have ever used. People simply connect to them and are inspired! Thank you Groh for doing what you do!
Martha N. Trott, Director of HR VP & GM Tassimo Global, Kraft Foods, Inc.

The United States Food and Drug Administration

We have never had such rapid and authentic enrollment and engagement in a change idea or development goal. Your films, workshops and program solutions are having a greater impact on our organization than anything else we have ever tried. Thank you for what you do and create!
Marjory Brier, Trainer, The United States Food and Drug Administration

McKinsey & Company

Groh has results-driven, highly useful material which organizations need today to handle the rapid pace of change, disruptions and restructuring. The materials connect with learners in a way few other programs do. Learners use new language long after a session is introduced and the long-term benefits are measurable. Now more than ever organizations need to be able to change constantly and Groh helps leaders and managers learn the new critical skills necessary to engage and lead their teams. We have found the engagement tools particularly effective with our larger enterprise clients with lasting results we can measure.
Kirsten Murnane, McKinsey & Company

Federal Aviation Administration

These filmed media tools have completely transformed the way we communicate and share, and collaborate.
Mark Gredler Organizational Communication and Learning Manager Engineering Services Federal Aviation Administration

The United States Navy

Katalina's key note presentation during the conference was the highlight of the two day conference. Months later I find myself telling people about it and recall the unique messages she communicated which are so timely right now. She connected to the audience and greatly inspired us. Fantastic!
Admiral Robert Sinnott, The United States Navy


The Leadership: An Art of Possibility and Attitude Radiating Possibility films that we licensed from you have had a lot of use. People love them. They want to see and experience them again and again. They are booked out for use constantly. Everyone in the organization uses the language of engagement, of change, of teamwork and connection that we learned within your workshops. The results are ongoing!
Katalina's presentation was truly inspirational! Her content was unique and when blended with her style of using stories to communicate complex ideas it was a message I still talk about months later. I use many of her stories as both an inspiration in my own life but also as a tool I share with children in our state's foster care system. Very useful and inspiring!
Jeremy Martin, Process Management Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Riverside County Office of Education

We use Groh™ films and leadership programs in all workshops where we bring in school superintendents to learn new skills for the new kind of leadership challenges our county schools are facing. Everyone is enraptured with the Possibility Films Series and the workshops. One of the toughest challenges we face is how to motivate leaders going through so much change and Groh's films, engagement and media tools are experiences that attendees talk about with one another for months after a training event. The language stays alive. There is so much inspiration and genuine energy in the programs that we find we keep using the language from the content often and it becomes ingrained in our culture and a shared new language. The new language continues to be used throughout our many schools in our country. The messages are so inspiring and lasting!
Terry Wilhelm Director of Leadership Development Riverside County Office of Education

Partial Client List

Public Sector and Government Agency Clients (Partial List)

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
Smithsonian Institution
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Army
U.S. Defense Department (DOD)
U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)
U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)
U.S. Department of State
U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)
U.S. Department of Treasury
U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
U.S. Federal Reserve U.S. Federal Transit Authority
U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff
U.S. Library of Congress
U.S. Navy

Corporate Clients (Partial List)

Abbott Laboratories
Aetna Inc.
Allstate Insurance
AT&T Inc.
Baxter International Inc.
Best Buy Co., Inc
Blockbuster Inc.
Blue Cross Blue Shield
CIGNA Corporation
Clear Channel Communications, Inc.
Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.
Dell Inc.
Ernst & Young
Fed Ex
General Electric
General Mills
Google Inc.
Hewlett Packard
IBM Global Services
Intel Corporation
JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Kellogg Company
Lucent Technologies
Marriott International, Inc.
Mattel, Inc.
McKinsey & Company
McDonalds Corporation
Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
Motorola, Inc.
NIKE, Inc.
Northern Trust & Co
Oracle Corporation
Owens Corning
PepsiCo, Inc.
Safeway Inc.
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Target Corporation
The Goldman Sachs
Group, Inc.
The Home Depot, Inc.
The Universal Health Services
United Parcel Service (UPS)
Viacom Inc.
Grainger, Inc.
Wachovia Corporation
Walgreen Corporation
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Wells Fargo & Company
Whole Foods Market, Inc.
Xerox Corporation
Yahoo! Inc.

Education Clients (Partial List)

Brown University
Georgetown University
Harvard University John F Kennedy School of Public Policy
Kellogg Graduate School of Management
London School of Economics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Northwestern University
Princeton University
Stanford University
University of Chicago Booth School of Business
University of Geulph
University of Mumbai
University of Tokyo
University of Southern California
Wharton School