Cultivating an Authentic Organization

Tom Kane
Course designer for Groh™ online academy of leadership

One of the most important intangible qualities in the workplace is authenticity. Since we have begun working on new content, both the new film “Everything is Connected,” starring Abe Thompson, as well as developing compliance courses for our new e-learning platform, I decided to do some research on the concept of authenticity and transparency in the workplace. I found several reports on studies from Rice University, the University of Houston and George Mason University that relate authenticity to job effectiveness and satisfaction. It may be easy to quickly jump ahead by over-promising and under-delivering, or through misrepresentation of yourself, but these tactics will soon develop a poor reputation that will be difficult to shed. In the following clip from “Everything is Connected,” McGhee Williams Osse, Co-CEO of Burrell Communications discusses why authenticity is important to her. Continue reading