Tell To Win

Peter Guber
CEO Mandalay Entertainment Group
CEO and Owner, LA Dodgers and Golden State Warriors
NYT #1 Best-Selling Author "Tell to Win"
New Leadership Film Release: "The Tell"™

What is the “secret sauce” in leadership?

What happens when leaders learn to surrender control?

Discover why Peter Guber was the #1 NYT Best-selling author of Tell to Win, and one of the most sought after speakers on leadership and success in the past three years.

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Reset and Re-imagine: when is it time to reboot as a leader?

Pete Kaczmarek
CEO Astrodyne, former SVP Rogers Corporation
This Month's Best Practice Forum Contributor/Leader

When Events Collide

Quantum Physicists talk about particles and speed-of-light collisions that yield great insights into the make-up of our universe. Now, I’m hardly a student of Quantum Physics – so don’t worry, this post is not about that. But these days I’m thinking that life can be like those huge particle accelerators used in today’s sophisticated quantum experiments. Sometimes, several events collide at high speed and out pops a very unexpected result – one with lasting consequences. This is about one of those times. Continue Reading

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Using video to sell the big idea.

Martin Addison with Clive Shepherd
CEO of Video Arts

40 years of laughter and proven learning

Learning is often designed to fill learners with facts and information. This is great if you want to increase their understanding of a subject, but what if what you actually need to do is change their behavior? This challenge struck us, whilst we were producing our Essentials Series over the summer. I was fortunate to be able to discuss this with our series curator, Clive Shepherd, and hear his thoughts on ‘Selling the Big Idea’.

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