Agility Training and Talent Engagement becoming THE Key Success Factors for High Performance Organizations

Katalina Groh

We love the quote, “If innovation is happening faster outside your organization than inside your organization, the end is near.”

-Jack Welch.



Rogers whiteboard discussion

Recently we launched the first online course in the new manager’s “essentials” online E Learning Platform from GOAL. Immediately after our initial clients began exploring the platform, films and guided social learning dashboards for desktop or mobile learning they had questions and suggestions for how they would like to implement the new tools.

We are learning from our best clients how critical early testing and feedback is to the product design and final product’s success. By tightening the feedback loop we are able to quickly customize the online learning to best suit the needs of each organization or individual’s learning strategy.


Agility, speed, open innovation and trust are critical to capturing and implementing the best ideas from the group. Working with our larger enterprise organizations is beginning to reveal the sweet spot for our particular strengths; deeply engaging all talent quickly and in a way they deeply connect to a larger mission from their own sets of stories and experiences.
Ultimately it is always about deep engagement; which brings about true behavioral change and the Holy Grail of bottom line results that are in some way measurable. Why work on anything if it does not seek the Holy Grail? By employing Agility Training techniques used in software development and bringing some of these specific skills to any high performing team (or one that wants to be) an organization can experience short term dramatic success in its engagement strategy while tightening the gap between where they are now from where they would like to be.


It all starts with first identifying that the problem is as bad as it is and then, taking a leap.


Stay tuned for updates coming from our own clients and feedback on how they are successfully crossing this oasis of uncertainty and having a surprisingly clear measurable benefit to show for it in less than one quarter. Check out how one of our past clients have benefitted from resetting and re-imagining their organization:


Final thought: had fascinating conversation with a new client from Bhutan this week who revealed her own interesting and unique challenges for engaging her end learners and we found more strategy overlap than anticipated. We will have more from her success story in a subsequent posting. With all the unique challenges every organization large or small has which are unique to them the benefits they seek for an engagement solution have a surprising number of similarities. In the end it is about how an organization and the end learner will benefit from an initiative and most importantly how to track each learner’s change of behavior and how it is APPLIED to their actual job.


The Art of Engagement New Essentials E Learning from GOAL:

Benefits to Organization:

  • End Learners Transformed
  • Deep Ongoing Engagement Across Organization
  • Valuable Diversity Training
  • Develop Leadership Skills at All Levels
  • Track Improvement on Individual Strengths
  • Track Improvement on Team Strengths
  • Track Learning & Skills Training Application to the Actual Job Rate Analytics to Review Engagement Progress and Return on Investment Growth
  • Higher Than Average Percentage of Learning Applied to the Job
  • End Learners Become Deeply Engaged Social Learning Communities of Practice
  • Powerful Tool for Organizations Looking to Merge Different Cultures and Create Shared Language
  • Retain Talent


Benefits to End Learner:

  • Transformational
  • Highly Interactive Social Learning
  • Optional Expert Guides Available
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Use Anywhere Anytime At Work on PC or On Bus on Mobile
  • Hard to Match the Level of Content and Resources
  • Content and Social Learning Last Minimum of 1 Year
  • End Learner has Access to all Films and Assessments
  • Pre Assessment and Post Assessments Provide Valuable Information for Each End Learner
  • End Learners Receive Powerful Analytics
  • Learning is individualized for Each End Learner

August 4, 2015

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