Launching Our New Quality Improvement Platform

Groh Online Academy of Leadership

groh your carf

Our newest quality improvement platform is going live. The GROH your CARF platform is currently only designed to aid clinics in both achieving CARF accreditation and patient/personnel/leadership education and training, but we are constantly working to expand into new possibilities and levels of performance.

The GROH your CARF platform:

  • Offers easy solutions for validating training and documenting input
  • Shows an innovative use of technology to engage personnel, persons served, and other stakeholders.
  • Is the definitive tool for meeting CARF’s vigorous compliance standards without requiring big budget or significant staff realignment.
  • Interactive tools and content are in fact, designed to meld seamlessly into any treatment model or culture.
  • Minimizes many compliance efforts. The new software provides participation data, is easily shared, and allows for input from personnel, persons served, leadership, and other stakeholders.
  • Customizable for your community.
  • Follows CARF guidelines to ensure any user can demonstrate standards were met and required policies, procedures, and protocols were in place so services are provided in a safe, accessible, and culturally receptive environment.
  • Easy to learn and user friendly
  • Engaging media-based courses
  • Quality Improvement, Results.
  • Delivered with sensitivity to the environment—programs can be customized for the culture.
  • Interactive training, learning and sharing designed for the whole uniqueness of every person; for persons served, personnel; the whole population.
  • A suggestion box within the easy-to-use interface always goes directly to leadership; every person served and all personal can share input with leadership at all times and this input is stored
  • Analytics track performance, learning, sharing, training, compliance and behavioral change goals.
  • In-person consulting and training also available.

Check out the platform, and be sure to let us know what you think.