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Groh helps leaders at all levels reinvent their story using filmed and live learning media tools.

Founded in 1997 as Groh Productions by Katalina Groh, Groh revolutionized the training film industry by launching a new documentary style leadership film series focusing on a then very new emerging management discipline—the organizational use of storytelling and narrative intelligence tools to spark change and personal leadership.

Real People Real StoriesTM created a new vision of more strategic possibilities for organizational change initiatives that taps into leaders at all levels. The first films in the series—Leadership: An Art of PossibilityTM and Attitude: Radiating PossibilityTM—are among the most widely used leadership films in the world.

The company has a unique blend of talent of varied disciplines who share common values, personal authenticity, and strive to lead customers toward surpassing their change objectives.

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GrohTV Now Playing: Our Story and Values. Learning to Unlearn Stories that Hold us Back—Reinvent the StoryTM with Truth and Possibility.

Knowledge. Listening. Learning our story.

We all learn our stories in our first few years and as far as we travel we rarely escape the original story of who we are. When do we reinvent our stories?   Why should we reinvent the stories for our organizations? What does possibility actually mean? When we learn to quiet the voice in our heads telling us lies about how imperfect we are we begin to recognize for the first time—that perhaps we are seeing the world through a set of lenses we don't know we are wearing.

To lead we must first stop living within "the story."  The day we choose to face our deepest fears as our own leaders begins when we take responsibility.  That day we discover that our greatest challenge will be to unlearn the stories written for us by others. Integrity and responsibility only come from truth. For twenty years Groh has been committed to helping organizations and individuals choose to learn what they need to unlearn.  There is so much to unlearn. Share this clip

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