Groh Live LearningTM will transform your organization

Groh Live LearningTM services are designed to lead change in high performing organizations that don’t wait until it is too late—they change ahead of the curve to achieve transformation.

Interactive filmed workshops extend the impact of the Groh films on communication by filming organizational change as it happens. Sharable media products use the viral power of authentic storytelling to drive change faster than traditional methods and ensure unique lasting continuous renewal solutions.

Lead authentic connection-based change with communication media and innovation reinvention modules.

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GrohTV Now Playing: Live LearningTM: Jan Kelly Marketing—Elminate Mindless Cheerleading. Lead with Possibility.

Even cultures which are already innovative and dynamic need new kinds of skills and tools to not only cope but thrive in times of constant change. Experience dramatic results from a commitment to breaking down innovation barriers. No mindless cheerleading at JKM. Success is not just about growth and the bottom line—it's about constantly evolving, changing, innovating, and quieting the fears we all have that hold us back. Discover the power of Possibility language and tools to radically transform an organization that describes the roots of its success as — a place where people come to work and be all of who they are, everyday. Share this clip

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Possibility Workshops

Live LearningTM

  • Deepen effectiveness of your organization’s reinvention process.
  • Create a culture of continuous renewal. Align transformation process to ensure high levels of trust.
  • Discuss your challenge with Authentic ChangeTM consultants.


Rebel Thought LeadersTM

  • Discover thought leaders with unique perspectives for change, innovation & communication. Bring tools for personal leadership at all levels to your organization including:
    • Change Leadership
    • Communication
    • Radical Innovation Culture
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Spark Action w/ Story
    • IT Transformation
    • Culture of Possibility

Possibility Films

Films & Coming Soon

Practicing PossibilityTM

Authentic Change

  • Subscribe for stories of authentic transformation including:
  • The University of Guelph:
    Taking culture change risks pays off dramatically & collaborations thrive.
  • Proctor & Gamble: See the worlds #1 innovation-organization use the Groh films & tools to maintain constant innovation & a culture of possiblity & responsibility.
  • Canadian Welding Bureau:
    Conflict resolution practices.