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Groh Real People Real StoriesTM is a leadership film series that aligns individuals with new organizational visions by applying the power of authentic storytelling within narrative intelligence management and change methodologies.

The first films in the series: Leadership and Art of PossibilityTM and Attitude: Radiating PossibilityTM — are among the most widely used leadership films in the world. Featuring leadership consultants Ben and Roz Zander, these films have helped to transform organizations of every size in every country all around the world.

By using the common language of Possibility in the Possibility Films—and co-creating their own shared language of limitless possibilities—organizations reach new levels of collaboration and shared trust to drive change and innovation.

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Possibility Films

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Practicing PossibilityTM

  • Learn from the filmed successes and failures of innovation and communication culture change agents in the Groh global customer community.
  • View trailer for Practicing PossibilityTM leadership series.
  • Contribute as a feedback agent on upcoming Groh films in production — be a part of the film process and help us to produce films that best support your own change objectives and challenge.

Possibility Workshops

Live LearningTM

  • Deepen effectiveness of your organization’s reinvention process.
  • Create a culture of continuous renewal. Align transformation process to ensure high levels of trust.
  • Discuss your challenge with Authentic ChangeTM consultants.

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  • View trailer above: Radical Innovation. Breaking down barriers and authenticity, with John Seely Brown.
  • View trailer above: Everything is Connected. A new film on personal leadership.
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