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Possibility. Change. Organizations can reinvent themselves and enter the age of taking responsibility. To learn more about the Possibility Films, and to discover how to transform your organization into a dynamic, authentic, innovative culture visit GrohTV often for new ideas on new best practices and share your own story in the global possibility learning community. Share this clip

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Rebel Thought LeadersTM


  • Learn from rebel thinkers, organizational storytelling and leadership experts.
  • Watch the pilot show of
    Rebel Thought LeadersTM
    with John Seely Brown.
  • Watch trailer for The Secret Language of LeadershipTM.
  • Watch Ideas Promo on radical innovation and authentic culture change.

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  • Learn from the successes and failures of change agents in the Groh global customer community.
  • Watch the pilot show of Practicing PossibilityTM featuring the University of Guelph IT innnovation culture change.
  • Share your story with the global possibility community.
  • Nominate a change-hero for The Leader of the FutureTM.

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  • Deepen the reinvention of your organization's story and learn more about unique continuous renewal solutions.
  • Drive changes faster than with traditional methods using the viral power of authentic storytelling to sustain authentic dialogue and connection at all levels.
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