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Procter and Gamble

"We first used the GrohTM films in a global leadership program for our six tiers of leaders and managers and it was the foundation of the global roll out of this innovation leadership program in 2004. Now the GrohTM films are a central part of our core curriculum course which every single employee of P&G goes through in their training."

"The GrohTM films are the central part of our capability course on success dvrivers. They are the only films we use in these courses. They have become the central core of our curriculum. The Growth Capability Course on success drivers believes that everyone has a capability and responsibility to grow themselves. All new people hired go through this course and it is now the foundation of what we are designing for personal leadership and for our learning culture. The cornerstone for the change and the message is the GrohTM film library. It is central to our curriculum. Everyone must realize their potential for growth and discover their capability to grow themselves...the GrohTM films are the foundation for this growth and then we build upon it. The films used to be used for leaders and managers only, but now every single new person goes through this GrohTM Possibility training and the results are incredible. It creates new connections and the new language of Possibility is very powerful and effective."

"The films demonstrate what hope and possibility are. It is not about only the messages, which are unique and strong, the films themselves are messages and beacons of hope and shinning eyes. It is all there. You can see it all in the films themselves. Everyone who watches it can feel hope and excitement. Everyone single person can do this. Everyone has to be given an opportunity to realize that they can grow, and be so much more, and that they can also lead, themselves and their organizations. These films actually show us this possibility by the very way they are produced and made—they are simply incredible. Hope and Possibility are demonstrated within the making of the films. You can tell when you watch the films that the people who made the films were reaching into a place of light and of hope we never see. Everyone who watches it and sees it feels for themselves, what hope there is for them at anytime in their lives and that helping each other reach this place is the contribution we all wish to achieve—it is all in the films. We just show them, and then build upon them and the experiences they share and the hope they allow every single person to feel. Everyone wants to take the films home with them—it is always that way. The films themselves, bring new meaning to art, hope and creativity—they demonstrate, in how they are made, that hope is always present and that everyone can find it and share it and grow."

Beth Manuelson
Global Learning and Development
Procter & Gamble


"We face certain unique challenges as a non profit. We have eight hundred employees who are all going through training for a culture change and leadership and half are in the field. Our CEO, Maura Bluestone was the one who introduced the Groh Art of Possibility Film SeriesTM to our organization and showed it to eight hundred employees."

"We were flabbergasted. Absolutely flabbergasted and delighted and amazed with your films!"

"We are all about public healthcare."

"We are all about maintaining good health and lifestyle for everyone single human being. When we saw the Groh Practicing PossibilityTM film "Attitude: Radiating PossibilityTM, which we just added to the training roll out, the response to the second film in that series was even better than the response to the first!"

"I am an Executive Vice President and the Chief Operating Officer for this organization and have been a major leader in healthcare for more than twenty-five years and I have never seen or experienced anything like the films that GrohTM created in the Possibility Film SeriesTM"

"You have no idea what an effect your films have had on our organization. Every one of the eight hundred people here saw your films and they Possibility Films changed the way they see everything. And I mean everything."

Barbara Kelman
Chief Operating Officer
Affinity Health Care

Training Magazine

"Training for the most part is bad. GrohTM however, has got it, they get it, they have touched it. The only way any learning, or training is effective is if it touches people and if it connects with people. Almost no Training films can do that really.They might entertain or teach some ideas or messages but they do not really connect to anything. GrohTM films connect to people—it is that simple. It is not hard to understand it is just hard to do. GrohTM just gets this and it is clear looking at their different films, and media tools that they get it—they know how to connect to people in any language authentically and deeply."

"I have seen Leadership An Art of Possibility and Radiating Possibility ten times at least and I still tear up when I watch it. Last time we watched it and used it to train groups of teachers and educators we were literally shoving boxes of Kleenex at each other. This is what recognition is all about. We learn that we can all clap for ourselves. What an inspiration! It is one of those shiver moments when you get a chill all of the sudden because you just get it and connect to an idea or message of hope and get a chill because you feel it so deeply and clearly. The most amazing part of the films in the end is that everyone who sees it connects to it and feels so inspired they always express that they want to also share it with other people they know. The impulse in the end comes from the films themselves... the impulse to share and to contribute then…to someone else. It is amazing."

Mireille Masue
Training Media Review

Procter and Gamble

"We want to use Groh Live LearningTM methods, films, and knowledge sharing tools on all emerging new leaders and all new managers. The content is the best that we have ever used and incredibly inspirational. It is not enough to ask people to change. You have to inspire them to want to change and the Groh Leadership: An Art of Possibility FilmsTM do this more effectively than anything"

"Katalina Groh's books, films and media tools are the foundation around which we designed our new Holistic Innovation Leadership Training Program—we literally open the four day course with one of the films, Leadership: An Art of Possibility, and this film series is the only one we use for our four day course. The films are simply amazing. The quality of the production, and the way they are edited and presented it is not like anything else we have every used."

"The reactions are incredible. Participants from all over the world connect to them in the same way and respond to both the messages in the film, which are very inspiring, while they also respond very strongly to manner in which the messages are presented. The films are uniquely inspiring and emotional which is extremely rare."

"We literally begin the four day workshop for innovation and leadership and start the whole message for participants with Leadership An Art of PossibilityTM and then we speak about storytelling and the power of stories in how we communicate and lead, and then at the end of the workshop we close the workshop with a musical drum circle where all participants also get to play instruments which is a big hit in this program and the very last part of the workshop is when we present the GrohTM film "Radiating PossibilityTM which is the second film in the possibility series. The participants love this film and it ends the whole workshop on a creative high note, which is extremely inspiring. People go back to their offices and teams in the different offices from around the world and they take the messages back with them and share them repeatedly. The strength and power of the shared experience is incredibly effective. The messages and experience lasts long after the workshop ends."

"The Groh Possibility Film Series including Leadership An Art of PossibilityTM and Radiating PossibilityTM are the only films we use in our innovation leadership training program which we rolled out in 2004. The workshops open and close with these two films. The workshops have been extremely successful. Now years later we found the films and the workshops so successful that we are about to roll the content and messages out again on a whole new global training initiative."

Kim McGraw
Vice President Global Learning and Development
Procter & Gamble


"These films are worth every penny and even more. I would sell them door-to- door if I could and show them to every person in the world. Your films touched my heart at the deepest level and I shall never be the same. Please know my personal heartfelt gratitude for how this film reminded me that my own eyes had not shined in a very long time. Also please know that our group has discovered that using them has changed the way we communicate and share with each other in an authentic and utterly new kind of way. Leadership: An Art of Possibility and Attitude: Radiating Possibility remind us why we continue to learn and grow as people and how important it is to share than leadership and possibility with those we work with and with the world around us. I wish you and your company every possible blessing. Your films have changed us and brought us limitless hope for the future of our organization, and ourselves individually.

"May you create many more inspiring films. However, this film series is a masterpiece and if you only did these two films ... it is a gift to humankind."

Bonnie Noblehousefs
Abbott Laboratories

"We showed your films to all of our employees in a leadership training roll out and then we showed your film Attitude Radiating Possibility to all of our employees to help tie the messages together and the response was overwhelming. In all of the years of training and instructional design of my career I have never seen a response like this to any other film or content. It is now three months since we showed these films and presented your culture change content in one session and everyone is still buzzing about it!" The language of the films and content tools are still being used throughout the organization. We have never had these powerful and lasting results from any (other) program--your films and media tools create the most energetic, spontaneous and authentic change in an organizational culture that I have ever seen."

Jason Collett
Training and Development Manager
Schneider National, Inc.

Federal Aviation

"Your films and books are incredible. We have been using your leadership change process tools for communication challenges in our organization and these filmed media tools have completely transformed the way we communicate and share, and collaborate. Thank you for your amazing and unique practices. The transformation has been less challenging with the inspiration these films provide and the tools they give us to change the way we speak and listen. They are the best we have ever seen thank you!"

Mark Gredler
Organizational Communication and Learning
Manager Engineering Services
Federal Aviation Administration

"We have never had such rapid and authentic enrollment in a change idea or goal. Your films and your books on change are making a greater impact on our organization than anything else we have ever tried. Thank you for what you do and create!"

Marjory Brier
United States Food and Drug Administration

“We have introduced "Leadership: An Art of PossibilityTM and Attitude: Radiating PossibilityTM to both the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Homeland Security and the reactions have been incredible. Very motivating films! The Groh Live LearningTM modules for leading change have been extremely well received. Thank you for your work it has great and lasting impact on culture change initiatives.”

US Department of Housing and Urban Development
US Department of Homeland Security

"The Leadership: An Art of PossibilityTM and Attitude Radiating PossibilityTM films that we licensed from you have had a lot of use. People love them. They are booked out for use constantly. Everyone in the organization uses the language of change and of connection we learned within your workshops the results are both fantastic, and ongoing!"

"Katalina's presentation was truly inspirational! Her content was unique and when blended with her style of using stories to communicate complex ideas it was a message I still talk about months later. I use many of her stories as both an inspiration in my own life but also as a tool I share with children in our state's foster care system. Very useful and inspiring!"

Jeremy Martin
Process Management
Boeing Commercial Airplanes


"Your films, learning tools and change processes are the most powerful tools for change I have ever seen. Your films are genuine, authentic, highly motivational and the most unique training films I have ever seen."

Barbara Kelman
Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer
Affinity Health Care

"Katalina's key note presentation during the conference was the highlight of the two day conference! Months later I continue to tell people about it and recall the numerous unique messages she communicated which are so timely right now. She connected to the audience and greatly inspired us. She was fantastic!"

Admiral Robert Sinnott
United States Navy

“The Groh Possibility Film SeriesTM are the best tools for change, innovation and they inspire everyone who sees them."

Admiral Weaver
United States Joint Chiefs of Staff

"GrohTM has so much useful material which organizations need today to handle the rapid pace of change. Now more than ever organizations need to be able to change constantly and the way GrohTM uses stories to help leaders and managers learn new skills and tools for inspiring and leading productive new kinds of teams helps all kinds of organizational models learn to lead their own change process."

"GrohTM has wonderful films and tools!"

Kirsten Murnane
McKinsey & Company

Training Magazine

"The Groh Possibility Film SeriesTM is the best film series I have seen or reviewed. They are astounding films and the content is unique, fresh, and I recommend everyone who is trying to change or lead anything see these films and show them to everyone they work with, communicate with, learn from or mentor! I have seen them so many times but every time it is like seeing them again for the first time they are so fantastic and moving and inspirational. Watch them again and again and find your own limitless possibilities!"

"GrohTM has created a unique brand in the educational, consulting and leadership world of change. They have found a way to create tools for change that any leader or organization can adapt to not only survive but to stay ahead of the curve while inspiring others to do the same."

Mireille Massue
Writer and Editor
Training Media Review

"We use the Groh Possibility Learning FilmsTM and find they are some of the best tools for leadership, motivation and change we have ever used. People simply connect to them and are inspired! Thank you Groh for doing what you do!"

Martha N. Trott
Director of HR
VP & GM Tassimo Global and Team
Kraft Foods, Inc.

"We use GrohTM films and leadership books, in all of our workshops where we bring in school superintendents to learn new skills for the new kind of leadership challenges our county schools are facing. Everyone is enraptured with the Possibility Films Series, the workshops, and new skills they are learning to work with. One of the toughest challenges we face is how to motivate leaders going through so much change and GrohTM films books and media tools are experiences that attendees talk about with each other for months after a training event. There is so much inspiration and genuine energy in the GrohTM films we find we keep using the language from the films every day!"

"The new language of change and possibility in the Groh Possibility Learning FilmsTM continues to be used throughout our many schools in our country. The messages are so inspiring and lasting!"

Terry Wilhelm
Director of Leadership Development
Riverside County Office of Education

"Best films on leadership we have ever seen. Thank you!"

The Toronto School for Strings

"The most inspiring and useful training films we have used. People can't stop referring to them long after we introduced the content and learning program for change. People want to take them home to show everyone they know that is how powerful they are."

Colonel Sylvain Patenaude
Chief of Staff Canadian Forces
Health Care Services Group
Health Care Clinic
The Department of National Defense

Training Magazine

"Every time I see it, there is a word, or a phrase, or an edit of the film, or a phrasing of how it is presented, that I have not seen before. I have seen it so many times already but I never get tired of watching this film it is new to me all over again every time I see it."

"These Groh Possibility FilmsTM, Leadership An Art of PossibilityTM and Radiating PossibilityTM give people the courage to stand up and share. GrohTM films all give everyone an opportunity to learn and they have more art, music, and feeling in how they are filmed and edited than anything else I have ever seen. They are the best form of communication of these ideas of hope, creativity, sharing and of learning and possibility.....anyone watching it can understand what the messages are about even if they don't know the language. One can see and feel the messages just in the way the film is made and presented--the film itself is a masterpiece of art and of hope... the viewer just knows, what the films invite the viewer to imagine for themselves."

Mireille Masue
Training Media Review