We All Win: Fanagalo: Business Lessons from the African BushWe All Win: Fanagalo: Business Lessons from the African Bush

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We All Win: FanagaloTM
Reverse Mentoring for High Performance Teams
(Film 2 of a 2 Part Series)

Create a dynamic authentic culture in which every individual takes flight past their fears to become a unique and central part of a change process. In this learning tool take a ride through the African bush and discover how bold high performance teams work through conflicts, take risks, reverse-mentor, and choose to master their fears --- all while focusing on delighting customers and sharing knowledge for innovation.

Commitment is a two way street. Organizations which thrive know their success is centered around developing and keeping talent. Individuals must also choose to commit. By taking responsibility for their own learning every individual becomes a contribution for growth. Discover ten bold and powerful learning points in this inspirational tool for deep change. Learn new reverse mentoring and coaching skills every individual can choose to embrace within an innovative organization that rewards courage to take risks and share.

Runtime: 21 min

Release Year: 2011

Studio: GROHTM



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