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Leadership: An Art of Possibility

Discover one of the best-selling and most used leadership programs of all time. Still as inspiring and powerful as ever but now also experience engaging new social learning features, dynamic viral interactive elements and new content.

The most powerful and engaging leadership and management program we use. It is inspiring and the content is so timely that we now train every single employee with this course.

Beth Samuelson, Director of Learning and Development, Procter & Gamble

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A digital learning initiative aimed at broadening the reach and deepening the impact of a global executive, educational and corporate client base. Try out a new innovative platform to support the delivery of distinctive online business-focused and self-development offerings, including Leadership: An Art of Possibility a primer on the fundamentals of leading others and oneself.

The Groh™ On Demand launch marks an important milestone in our ongoing efforts to educate leaders, educators and emerging self-learners who make a difference in the world. Courses embody the highly engaging, deeply inspiring, interactive learning that has been a hallmark of the brand which works closely with clients in more than one hundred countries within executive education programs for more than two decades.

The team has thought carefully about how to create an online offering that mirrors the energy you find in a classroom or workshop environment and that allows students to benefit from the diversity and experiences of other students for participant-centered learning. These programs require students to be active learners, thinking through and solving real-world problems. Moreover, the platform will provide a powerful channel for communicating ideas to and engaging with new and wider audiences, complementing the work we do through groh the leadership solution.

The initial offering, “Leadership An Art of Possibility Online Social Learning” will be a rigorous program designed for serious and committed learners.

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