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Deep best practices filmed research combined with
Rebel Thought LeadersTM
as advisors and the Groh community of customer change agents produces innovative ideas and platforms for radical and authentic change solutions.

Groh's filmed research focus is on the top challenges facing its customers:

• Leadership: Inspiring leadership at all levels of the organization to reinvent their own story and the story of the organization.
• Collaboration—Exploring collaborative vs. command-and-control management.
• Change—staying ahead of the curve.

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GrohTV Now Playing: Rebel Thought LeadersTM — The Pilot Show with John Seeley Brown

Not just a business talk show but a provocative filmed tool for triggering new kinds of critical conversations for groups to share.

John Seely Brown discusses such varied topics as Obama's success through rhetorical power, innovation at Procter & Gamble and the power of storytelling.

The self-described "Chief of Confusion" guides us in learning to unlearn the possible perspectives that limit vision and keep us stuck within our stories and architectures of denial. Share this clip

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  • Watch the pilot show of
    Rebel Thought LeadersTM
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  • Leadership and narrative intelligence in The Art of TransformationTM and The Secret Language of LeadershipTM.
  • The Social Life of Information
  • Storytelling in Organizations
  • The Pirates Dilemma
  • On Becoming a Leader
  • Working Knowledge

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